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EVSE Infrastructure

NEXVIA is a complete supplier of
electric vehicle charging solutions.

Its strength comes from the combination of experience and the extensive technological scope of its ecosystem of partners, associates and founder members, Ormazabal and Circontrol.

Founded in 1967, is the leading supplier of personalized solutions for public distribution, energy end users, and renewable energy systems, based on in-house technology.

Its expertise on medium voltage grid connection enables customers to assure the appropiate solution.

Founded in 1997, believes that innovation, internationalization, quality and close contact with customers are the most effective way to offer outstanding products and services.

Manufactures a wide range of EV charging solutions covering all market needs.

Society now demands a decarbonized world. Electrification is one of the best ways to decarbonize transport, since recent data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) show that transport’s share of global energy-related CO2 missions is over 20%.

NEXVIA strives to be a major player in the future development of e-mobility.

We develop specific advanced solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We handle the entire project, from the medium voltage connecting substation through to the charging dispenser, all based on cuttingedge technology.

When about EV charging solutions…
we make difficult look easy!

Our Offer

Our outstanding capability in terms of solutions for electrical distribution networks and charging infrastructure, combined with an extensive ecosystem of experienced and knowledgeable partners, allows us to integrate technology and added-value services in the charging solution.

We supply integrated, scalable, flexible, fast and ultrafast charging stations, and can straightforwardly charge any EV, regardless of the distribution grid used.

Our tailor-made solution provides the following benefits:

  • Optimized design to ensure future charging capacity.
  • Medium-voltage system with power electronics in a prefabricated enclosure.
  • Extreme weather conditions (low temperature kit).
  • Small footprint.
  • Factory assembly and testing.
  • Straightforward installation.

Given our global presence, our products have been installed in extreme environments, and are therefore designed to ensure outstanding performance in any climate conditions.

Solution attributes


Ready for future charging needs.


Number of chargers, power increase, etc.


Solutions for any kind of installation (urban, restricted access areas, etc.)

Simplified grid connection

DSO-certified medium voltage connection point.

Consistent quality

Factory-assembled and tested prefabricated products. Minimum work required on site.

Ongoing communication with end customer

Single point of contact.







  • Project signed off in accordance with local regulations
  • Liaison with utility company
    • Connection point request
    • Commissioning reque
  • Liaison with local council
    • Building work license

Building work and equipment installation

  • Medium-voltage transformer substation
  • Power electronics
  • Charging dispenser
  • Charging point painting and signage


  • Relays
  • Software Management
  • Tests

After-sales service/ maintenance


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